Siddheshwar temple is hallowed to Lord Siddheshwar, who is considered as a manifestation of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. This lake is positioned amidst a lake in Solapur District. This temple is just 6 mins away from the best hotel in solapur. The yogi's and the devotees together keep the surrounding so warm and pleasant as it is where Shri Siddeshwar attained Samadhi.


Swami Samarth who is also known as Akkalkot Swami. He is widely admired and respected by all the people of Maharashtra. This temple is approximately 1-hour drive from the most affordable and best hotel in Solapur. Swami Samarth has traveled all over the country but he purely belonged to Akkalkot as he lived for over 22 years in Akkalkot and he is also considered as the fourth epitome of Lord Dattatreya.


Vitthoba is also known as Panduranga, Vitthala who is depicted as a young dark boy with his companion of Rukmini standing upright on a brick with arms v-shaped. Every year this temple witnesses the devotees(warkari) marching on foot for 21 days with Palkhi with Paduka (footprints of Vittoba). This a one of the richest heritage as this place is always surrounded by all the devotees.


Tuljabhavani Temple may be a Hindu temple dedicated to the deity Bhavani. it's settled in Tuljapur in Osmanabad district of geographic region and is taken into account mutually of the fifty-one Shakti Pithas. it's set forty-five klick from Solapur. The temple was inbuilt in the twelfth century.


This pilgrimage is devoted to Lord Vishnu and it is the only temple which has Lord Vishnu's name as Bhagwant. This temple is approximately 2 hours from Hotel Surya Executive which is the best hotel in Solapur and is the most cheap and affordable hotel in Solapur near Railway Station. This temple was built in 1245 A.D in Hemadpanthi genre. Entrance to this temple is from all four sides.


The Main Temple in Ganagapur wherever Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati wont to keep regarding 550 years agone is thought as Nirgun mathematics. Narasimha Saraswati is that the Purna avatar of Dattatreya. Devotees believe that by bathing at the confluence, by solicitation from a minimum of 5 homes in Ganagapura, and by giving Paduka Pooja at the temple, they'll expertise the living presence of Sri Narasimha Saraswati Hindoo, and be free of sins and granted desires..