Surya Restaurant
  • Nice and tasty!
  • Made from Indian ingredients!
  • Cooked by Trained chef!
  • Awarded by Indian assosiation of chef!
  • Proved to be good for your health!



Delicius Food...!
Lily Restaurant: The authentic signature Indian Restaurant takes you on a truly memorable culinary trip across India where a virtual treasure trove of authentic Hindustan delicacies awaits your pleasure.
Lotus Restaurant: The Gourmet extra Anza includes mouth watering spread of khas Hyderabad Nawabi Khana, Authentic Awadhi cuisine and traditional specialties and many more royal ambience and letting classical melodies to enlive the mood.
Valentine Restaurant: The wine lovers like this name, as it’s got so much warmth and affection. Every drink served here is got its own story to tell, not forgetting our cock-tail barmen at his best at the bar counter. We serve the best variety of Indian and Foreign liquor and the best aged wines suiting everybody’s taste of drinking. The bar compromises 80 -100 seating capacity individually or in a group.
Navrang Restaurant: Here at Navrang, as its name says ‘different colors’, call it local Indian food from Maharashtrian spices or Punjabi Tadka, the mouth watering Tandoor and grills is a feast for both a vegetarian and non – vegetarian food lovers. Our chefs are also equally good with the woks for noodles or the dumplings of your choice.
Garden Restaurant: Float away into the reality of serenity!
Take a dip into the world of tranquility.
Life is where Garden Restaurant is!
A rejuvenating experience awaits you!
Garden Restaurant: Get Mesmerized!